Welcome to my little shop where I share my love of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and home décor with you and yours! I'm just a crazy Suth'uhn chick creating inspirational & fun designs for those who enjoy all things lovely!

I have been blessed to live in the deep South where there's an abundance of wonderful people & beautiful scenery. The designs in my shop are among my favorites and they represent the world around me as I see it... joyful.... rich, vibrant... no regrets... THAT is my life! :)

I love a good quote and simple, clean designs. It's my goal to create products that uplift your spirits and sometimes make you laugh.

As a child of the 70's, I remember the excitement when our small town in Arkansas got its first t-shirt shop. It was a dark little place on main street with dozens of t-shirts proudly lining the walls... heat press in the rear of the shop... paying for each chunky letter to get your name on the back, which is probably why a broke boyfriend got me a shirt that dropped the S and gave me a shirt that said Tim Love Mary. :)

(Oh! The silly little things we remember!)

But we didn't care... it was the 70's and everything was new and exciting. The world was big and we lived in freedom. 

In adulthood, I did the responsible thing and became a teacher... but I secretly held onto my passion for graphic tees and started creating my own designer t-shirts as a side hustle in 2006. 

Now, I’m bringing tons of creative t-shirts together in one place with the hopes of spreading a few smiles and a little love to a world gone mad... bringing out the lost boho babe in me. 

For coupons, giveaways and the latest information about what we're working on, check us out on Instagram @bohoblossomshop.

Thank you for letting me create cute things for you!